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Hardcover Book Details
  • 12/2017
  • 9780999032701
  • 290 pages
  • $19.95
Love After Life
Richard Sieg, author

Adult; Romance; (Market)

Can it be true that soulmates can share a love so deep that it can transcend more than one lifetime? That is what James tell his loving wife Kathleen before they suddenly die in a tragic car accident that snuffs out their lives and perhaps their love. Will they be able to find each other in the next life to rekindle the love they share, and who will believe them if they do?

Joseph, only six years old, is haunted in his dreams by a woman and scenes he doesn't initially recognize. Sweating heavily while twisting and turning in his bed, he sees flashes of the mountains, the beach and a beautiful young woman. He awakens suddenly, hearing himself scream, “Kathleen(!).” He is drenched and dazed, not realizing that his dream is a replay of the final scene of his past life as James with his wife, Kathleen. A few years later as his dreams continue, he recalls more clearly Kathleen’s soulful singing, bubbly personality and sweet smile as well as his deep love for both photography and her.

As a teenager, Joseph loves to watch singing competitions on TV shows, especially when teenage girls are singing. One day he sees and hears Kimberly singing on one of these shows and his heart skips a beat. He does not know why, but her singing consumes him.

Kimberly grew up a sad little girl. She knows that something is missing in her life, but for the life of her, she cannot identify what it is. Only singing lifts her spirits, even if just for a little while. Joseph is drawn to her immediately. He has to meet her. What happens when Joseph meets Kimberly? You can find out by reading Richard Sieg’s novel, Love After Life.

Readers' Favorite

FIVE-STAR REVIEW: Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

In Love After Life by Richard Sieg, they love each other passionately, deeply, and have sworn to remain inseparable, even defying death. But then a tragic car accident breaks James and Kathleen apart. Death could be stronger than love after all. But wait a minute! Six-year-old Joseph has unusual dreams, linked to a woman called Kathleen, a woman with a voice that pierces the very depths of his soul. He dreams of her for years, until he hears Kimberly singing in one of the TV shows. Could she be the Kathleen who inhabits part of his consciousness? What happens when they meet each other is what makes this novel a must-read. 

There are many interesting concepts woven into this book and the idea of people having glimpses of their past lives isn’t particularly unusual to many readers, but the way the author develops this idea is very interesting. Another thing that is interesting about this novel is that the author takes a common theme — love and romance — and transforms this into a thrilling paranormal story and that is one of the unique strengths of this book. Apart from the strong premise and the expertly handled conflict, the narrative voice is clear and absorbing, the writing crisp and enjoyable, and character development top-notch. Love After Life is intricately plotted and Richard Sieg succeeds in holding the attention of readers, giving them hope by making them believe that those who have loved and lost will always find their love in another life. Love After Life is entertaining, indeed!

Double Award Finalist in the 2018 American Fiction Awards

American Book Fest announced its American Fiction Awards (AFA) on July 22, 2018, and Richard Sieg's first novel, Love After Life, was named a Double Finalist in "Romance: Paranormal" and "Best New Fiction" categories.Richard Sieg stated, "I am honored that the outstanding panel of judges recognized Love After Life as an award winner in two categories. I also appreciate American Book Fest's support and commitment to all areas of the publishing industry: mainstream, indie and self-published." 

Love After Life Receives Five-Star Review from Readers' Favorite

Readers’ Favorite announced that Richard Sieg’s novel, Love After Life, earned a Five-Star Review from its program. The review is currently available on the BookLife Author site for the author and on the Readers' Favorite website.

Love After Life Recognized in 2018 Dan Poynter's Global Ebook Awards

The 2018 Dan Poynter's Global Ebook Awards (DPGEA) were announced today and Love After Life was a silver winner in the "Fiction: Paranormal" category.  Richard Sieg stated, "I am elated that the DPGEA judges recognized Love After Life as a silver winner. I also appreciate the DPGEA for its support of ebook authors everywhere, especially self-published authors."

Love After Life Wins as Finalist at 12th Annual NIEA

The 12th Annual National Indie Excellence® Awards (NIEA) were announced on May 22nd and Richard Sieg’s first novel, Love After Life, is a Finalist in the category “Regional Fiction: Southeast.”‚Äč

Richard is delighted that his first novel has been recognized by NIEA and he appreciates the organization's support of independent, university and self-publishers.

Love After Life Wins As Finalist at 2018 International Book Awards

The 9th Annual International Book Awards (IBA) were announced on May 27th and Richard Sieg’s first novel, Love After Life, is a Finalist in the category “Fiction: Cross Genre.”

Richard Sieg is honored to receive this recognition and appreciates IBA’s support of independent and mainstream publishing.

Hardcover Book Details
  • 12/2017
  • 9780999032701
  • 290 pages
  • $19.95