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Love and Loss
He was a giant of a man in mind, body, and spirit. He was the wrong faith, the wrong nationality, and unsuitable. She was utterly captivated. Katherine Elizabeth Otis, shortened to “Kitty” before the ink was dry on the parish birth record, suffered grievous losses in her eighteen years. She now cares for her ailing father and shoulders all the responsibilities of a married woman but enjoys none of the compensations. Kitty attracts the ominous but fascinating Lieutenant McLaughlin and escapes him for her London debut. In London, Kitty catches the eye of Mr. Blanchard, a stodgy widower that her family approves. Her enthralling Lieutenant pursues her to London and her fascination became attachment. Can Kitty navigate the treacherous shoals among her heart’s desire, the dictates of Society, and her beloved family’s wishes? Author’s Note: This book is “Jane Austen meets L.M. Montgomery.” It is a clean and wholesome Regency romance with zero “heat.”
Jayne, Beta Reader,

I rarely gush about a book, having read so many, but in this case I couldn’t help myself! I don’t give 4.5 stars lightly, but this book deserves every one. There was humour, there was sadness, there was romance, there was tense action. The characters were realistic, the dialogue was believable. The narrative was so well threaded that reading it was like watching a movie (I daresay this could be put to film!). Because of everyday life, I had to read this book in several sittings, and each time I was away from it I would find myself thinking about the characters and what had happened to them, and found myself speculating on what was going to happen! The author does a fantastic job of making the reader care about the characters, and this is not a story that I will find myself forgetting any time soon!