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Love and Mutiny: Tales from British India
Anne George, author
Reared in India, Edwina Hardingham loves her country and cannot imagine an existence away from it. Equally at home in the vibrant society of members of the East India Company in Calcutta, and in the cool clime of Simla, at the foothills of the Himalayas, she enjoys undisturbed calm until confronted with love and mutiny. When the dashing Mr. Grayson rescues her from the hands of brigands in Calcutta, she develops a tenderness for him, which not even the ill-humoured Mr. Davenport can discourage. All is changed, however, when the long-suffering sepoys of India revolt against the inequitable rule of the East India Company, in 1857. Torn between worry for her family, now imperiled by the distraught mutineers, and the man she loves, Edwina must learn to hold her peace until a happy outcome ensues. Will she find joy with the man she loves? Does her family escape unscathed from the ravages of war? Read this gripping novel—set in real events and places of the First War of Indian Independence—to find out.
George’s novel is a stimulating journey to mid-19th-century India, where the tumultuous times surrounding the great mutiny against the British are tempered by grace and chivalry. Nineteen-year-old Edwina Hardingham and her two sisters are members of a wealthy British family, but they love the country where they were raised and are not inclined to treat the local Indian population with scorn. They embrace the country’s customs and its people, which often surprises the Hardinghams’ contemporaries, many of whom view Indians with contempt. Edwina is nevertheless vocal about her empathy, which is sometimes off-putting for her suitors. She believes her sisters are more desirable but nevertheless catches the attention of James Davenport, a rakish, gallant, gentleman trader who is her uncle’s friend. Before their love can fully blossom, however, the rebellion of 1857 breaks out. As the disarray roils the country, Davenport travels from Edwina’s home in Simla to Calcutta to ensure his sister and Edwina’s two sisters are not in danger from the uprising, fighting beside his Indian friends along the way. Meanwhile, Edwina quietly waits in Simla, struggling with uncertainties about romance and the threat of mutineers harming her loved ones. The convincing setting and rich descriptions bolster the vibrant cast of characters, resulting in a memorable novel. (BookLife)
Angela Kay

"First sentence: Edwina Hardingham stared, transfixed, as the rain pattered relentlessly on the enormously tall windows of her sister’s home in the city of Calcutta in India.

About the story: When Edwina Hardingham meets the dashing Mr. Grayson, she soon finds herself and her heart tangled in a blossoming romance. However a mutiny breaks out with the rebels seizing control of the Indian government ammunition and property. Edwina and her family are now dreading the fate of their family.

My thoughts: The way Love and Mutiny: Tales from the British India was written reminded me a lot of one of my favorite authors…Jane Austen. It made me enjoy the story even more. There are some books that put me in awe as I read, and I’m pleased to say this is one of them. Anne George has a way of taking you back in time to the 1800s. The book was written through the eyes of a British family who made their home in India. The characters are very well-developed, and the storytelling was even more so. The suspense kept my attention from the beginning until I reached the ending. It was very obvious that Anne George has done her research on the historical aspect. If you love the old-fashioned way of writing with a bit of romance and danger mixed within, then you won’t regret picking up this book. I know I’m glad I read it, and I’m looking forward to more releases from this author!"