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van quatrro
Love Lucky
van Quattro, author
I had a restless heart, a nasty desire to be loved, a wandering spirit and had barely been out of Glendale. London called in the form of a pretty girl and I followed. I stumbled around one of the greatest cities in the world for a year and a half. Stoned and full of wonder I found people and places that would be far beyond anything I could dream or conjure. It's an experience that shaped who I am today. It's about a strong sense of wanting more for my life with a bunch of LUCK thrown in.

John Kennedy Toole, Denis Johnson, even Charles Bukowski come to mind, only Quattro's hero, himself, would be played by Robert Redford. Quattro's fluid, visceral, painting of his story takes your senses to a time and place that feels warmly familiar even if you've never been (and never wanted to go). He's found a way to romance his dark hardships like one of the greats, but the story is distinctly and charmingly his own. You won't be able to put it down and your heart will sore through his ups and downs. I think about this book when I'm not reading it. It sticks, flows like a dream, and the ride leaves you wanting another trip.

Van Quattro writes with a cinematic style reminiscent of his fellow great LA writers like Charles Bukowski and John Fante and Chuck Rosenthal. Van's retells his adventure with humor and honesty that brings to life the events for the reader. Love Lucky, at its heart, is a time capsule that you can only access through the point of view of our narrator. It's a book I've recommended to all of the college kids in my area. I'd highly recommend Love Lucky even to my parents but they never listen and I never call.

Love Lucky is a very raw and powerful look into the young life of a man obsessed with being loved. Young, impetuous and out of control, searching for life's next great adventure. This story has it all, love, angst, pathos, passion, sorrow, substance abuse and belly laughs. I almost feel if I knew this guy somewhere in a past life. I hope he survived as I would like to read the next few chapters.