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Teri Edwards
Author, Service Provider
Lunacy's Core
T.D. Edwards, author
It’s the late 1990s and Kory Diffoten is a bookworm with no friends apart from his English literature teacher, which is fine with him. Growing up the target of relentless teasing about his unstable aunt has made him reluctant to get close with others in the first place. However, once a freak accident renders his favorite teacher incapable of returning to Hushmore High School, Kory finds himself swept into an unexpected friendship with Ronda Smith, a pretty classmate in need of tutoring, and Jakil Dunston, her flippant boyfriend. The unlikely friendship soon takes an unexpected turn though, spawning troublesome rumors, complicated feelings, and ultimately, a police investigation. Then there’s Kory’s increasing paranoia. He’s certain his recent affiliation with Ronda and Jakil has caught the attention of an eerie and potentially dangerous new teacher at their school for some reason. But getting anyone to take him seriously seems impossible, especially once people began to question his sanity. Kory can’t really blame them though, particularly upon noticing his sudden difficulty with separating truth from illusion. Yet, Kory can only keep quiet for so long before things spiral out of control. But who’s going to believe him when he sometimes isn’t sure he can even believe himself? "Lunacy's Core" is the first installment of the "Lunacy" trilogy.
Tiffany Young

The story eases us in slowly, through the mind of the character Kory. You can tell that he is a very troubled boy. He’s always harassed and tons of rumors about him and his favorite teacher. This teacher Karen, seems to be the only one who can get through to him. He chooses to stay away from people, to stay under the radar, but it doesn’t help.

This story gets deep when Kory befriends the Jakil the jock and his girl friend. As time went on strange things began to happen. There was an incident with the girlfriend and her little sister in a restaurant bathroom. Where an older lady attacks them, and get this, the old lady jumps out of the window after her attack.

I don’t want to give this thriller away. It absolutely had me on the edge of my sit. It kept me surprise and waiting for more. Just don’t read it in the dark like I did. It’s amazing.

I give this book a 5 out 5, just for details, thought and patients put into this story alone. I’m looking for more books from this author. Good job!!!

Valicity Garris

I will start this review off by saying that I genuinely enjoyed this book. I really did. What I loved so much about it is that I got to read it as a reader, not as a reviewer—which is how I normally approach books given to me by authors. I didn’t have to nitpick at every little thing, I didn’t have to make sure it all made sense (because it did all make sense) I simply got to read a good story and not many books I come across allow me to do that. I loved the flow, the writing, and the main character, Kory, right from page one. By page two, I knew I would be able to write a really good review.

First, let me tell readers just what this book is about. It feels like a mix of Bates Motel and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Much like the protagonists of this television show and book, Kory is an awkward fellow with few friends. He has poor social skills and is haunted by the actions of his family members. Kory’s aunt is rumored to have been insane and it seems like those rumors have begun to follow him around. When Kory finally makes friends with some students everything starts to go well until an unfortunate event lands him right back to where he was in the beginning of the story. An awkward kid with no friends. To make things worse, Kory also gets mixed up with a teacher who may not be there to help as much to hurt.

So there’s a lot to this story revolving around the main character. It is not a very long story and the flow and structure is great. Kory is a sweet character who doesn’t make you feel sorry for him, he has a strong personality and doesn’t feel like a cookie cutter nerd. He is abnormal but not in that annoying, ‘embrace diversity’ kind of way. He’s weird but it works. That’s the best way I can put it. The history of his family and his aunt’s abnormality make the background story and the mystery a little more interesting. The book isn’t very long so everything happens kind of quick but the author doesn’t fly through the details, which I appreciated very much.

Now, the only complaint I have is that there is a lot to this story. It was well structured and didn’t feel rushed but an awful LOT happened for such a small cast and to stress a rather simple point. Kory has problems. I know I’m REALLY dumbing down the root of the story but at its core—pun intended—it’s simply about a crazy, kooky kid. It is written well and it works out to be an entertaining book for me but I think a few things could have been left out.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes quirky characters and psychologically intriguing books.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*