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Made Men
Book two, Law of Retaliation series. Most Nazi scientists fled Berlin at the end of World War Two. Not Wolfgang Bähr. Relentless, forced into forgotten wartime tunnels, the meagerly-funded geneticist continued his work for decades. Two of his experiments were identical. Along with a third, very different child, they lived in a green concrete room, telling time by a rust-worn dripping sink, their creator providing all they know—or does he? Taller but malnourished, hiding his head in the cold, dark room, The One Who Was Different is the optimized human—what the program always dreamt to achieve. His IQ: unfathomable; a genetic memory: a recall of events and knowledge in the absence of having experienced a stimulus. While he contains the knowledge of his forefathers, The Two Who Were Alike carry the feral genes of theirs. Later, when a pair of bizarre, reptilian Germans employed by reclusive and missing billionaire Bonn Maddox attempts to protect toxicologist Henna Maxwell from an assassin, they are willing to sacrifice the lives of millions to save her. But it will take more than falling skies to keep an Aryan killer from Henna. It will take everything they’ve got. They need Bonn Maddox to come home.