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Magnus Hooper

Children/Young Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

People of England owe their freedom to the great detective Magnus Hooper. As the month of December brought its melancholy and gloom, it almost seemed as if crimes, too, became too lethargic to take place. Magnus Hooper is appointed to solve petty crimes, which he detests. A curious woman with an acute case of tuberculosis lodges in the flat opposite Magnus’. Intrigued by this, he investigates the new neighbour, who turns out to be his flat mate Richard’s niece. Soon, a man with the name Mr. Warner, appears with a mysterious letter in his hand, delivered to him on the 21st of January, but bearing the date 21st of December 2014. The date is wrong, and so is the year. An ominous air hung about the letter when, suddenly, the company of three (Magnus Hooper, Richard Thomson (his companion) and Mr. Nicholas Warner) in the flat by New Cavendish Street London, are informed of the death of Agatha Mac Alistair, the writer of the letter. The police are lackadaisical and nonchalant about the affair, and arrest Mr. Warner on the grounds of some weak evidence. Mr. Warner, a feeble simple minded man, accepts his fate grievously. But Magnus Hooper refuses to accept this standstill. He knows, for a fact, that Agatha Warner was not murdered by her husband. He vows to relieve the innocent man from doom, and lead the killer where he rightfully belongs. As he investigates, with his loyal companions, the Drakes, the murder continues to be linked with the woman living opposite their flat. Agatha Warner was murdered for a certain artefact that appears to be one half of the amulet. Similarly, their neighbour, who under the false identity Fiona Goodman, is murdered, and the nurse flees with a valuable. Upon searching the flat, Magnus discovers the other half of the amulet, a solid bronze coloured metal, with the engraving of the rear half of the lion. Magnus in no time finds out that the amulet he found in Agatha Warner’s flat, was a duplicate, made of copper, rather than brass, and a meekly imitated carving of the head of a wild lion. This leads Magnus to deduce that Agatha Warner and Elaine Grace (Fiona’s real name) are in intimate association. Agatha Warner’s letter indicates her knowing death is not far away, and Magnus logically connects the entrusting of another important artefact in the hands of her daughter Elaine. The mystery of the ominous affair is unraveled by Magnus with his unparalleled deduction Thus, Magnus Hooper brings the perpetrator to justice.

Read this compelling crime novel by a twelve year old author.

Bhaskar Balasubramniam, Film critic and Actor

Ananya is a brilliant novelist ! She has an intense sense of imagination that helps the reader visualise the crime scenario she is describing ! Her choice of words and presentation of dialogues are crisp & non monotonous !

Pujitha Krishnan Fernandes, Editor, Aleph Book Company

It [Magnus Hooper As The Criminal Sleeps] was a very good first book. I enjoyed thinking through the clues and the puzzle.