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Man from the East
The novel "Man from the East" has a high inspirational content. It is a strong drama describing true love between Ali, the Egyptian Muslim, and Diana the American Christian. The novel describes the everlasting differences between East and West from the standpoint of religion, dealings, economics as well as several other aspects of life. The differences were emphasized through a strong drama carrying within ardent love, agony, loss, power, murder, support, alienation, hatred, yearning and compassion. It is a strong romance expressing true love, agony and power played out in the sophisticated American business and political life. The novel cuts through the differences between Islamic and Christian cultures aiming at getting them near one another.

a fascinating drama of true love played out in the sophisticated American business and material life.

Man from the East by Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

From an Egyptian writer comes a fascinating drama of true love played out in the sophisticated American business and material life. While having his university education in North Carolina, Ali the Egyptian met his colleague Diana, the only daughter of the powerful Republican Senator of North Carolina. The differences between them attracted Diana to Ali and they fell deeply in love with ech other. Besides being a famous politician, the Senator was president and chairman of a company engaged in dress and makeup industry. The Senator was preparing Diana to take over afer him but her love to Aly was threatening his business plans for her. Fearing the scatter of his wealth outside the family, Diana was forcibly taken away from Ali, and Ali was brutally separated from her. Although Diana was forced to abandon Ali, he always thought that she could have refused James if she wished to, but her materialistic thinking made her accept him as a husband. After ten years of marriage life and joint business with James - the son of the Senator's partner - Diana's charming career was shattered into pieces. This critical situation had left her on the verge of collapse. Unexpectedly, Ali came back with a broken heart to give hope and support. His giving however was mingled with sadnes and alienation, a matter that pushed Diana further into despair. Would true love dissolve differences between the two lovers? Would east remain east and west remain west or both could meet halfway?