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To make things happen as one wants inspires intense interest and compelling curiosity. It reflects the power of our mind to create reality. To some it appears unbelievable, fictional and magical. Whether it achieves the set goals or not; still it has the element of a craze to know the unknown and a great undiscovered potential; that alone is sufficient to pull the crowd of audience. Let us look at the basics of manifestation. The whole foundation of manifestation rests on the concept that there exists universal energy around us, which is capable of delivering all what we want. We have to make a wish, follow the set procedures to get it. Looks so simple, easy, and within everyone’s reach. Further, all people are possessed with this capability without any discrimination of cast, creed, color OR sex. It looks like there exists around us a Superpower organization of creative energy to provide us peace and pleasure with a promise of fulfilling life. This title sources the spiritual information from scriptural and scientific research reports and provides evidence giving illustrations in support. It awakens and triggers our conscious attention with a compelling urge to dig into the depth of manifestation. The building blocks of the subject e.g. Thought, Positivity, Conscious and Subconscious Mind Alignment, and the Spiritual Know-how are conspicuously described in sufficient details with opinion from relevant experts on the subject. An important point about manifestation is that it works and accomplishes the goals provided our desires and wishes do not harm others.