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MAR Rising
Madison is a musically gifted 15-year-old living on the streets of Boston after slipping away from an abusive foster home. After narrowly escaping death when the building she is hiding in undergoes a controlled demolition, Madison learns from the authorities that she is not an orphan at all: a twin brother and aunt have been searching a decade for her. Madison soon finds herself on a new journey to reunite with her long-lost family, only to discover that nothing in life stays good for long. The deadly MAR infection is spreading, and soon violent zombies are filling the streets, ready to rip apart her new life. As she and her family battle for survival, Madison is contacted by a secret organization with the power to change everything. Now, she must decide whether to stay with the family she’s craved all her life, or leave them behind to fight for all mankind.
Kirkus Reviews

"Charming characters populate this fast, exuberant genre mashup." - Kirkus Reviews