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C. Douglas Sterner
Author, Editor (anthology)
Marine Corps Heroes Volume I (Medal of Honor)
This is Volume I of the largest compilation of Marine Corps heroes ever published. This volume contains: * History of the Medal of Honor * Tables and statistics of Medal of Honor Awards * Identified all living Medal of Honor Recipients * CITATIONS are included for each and every Medal of Honor awarded in History. * Citations for all recipients of the Marine Corps Brevet Medal. * Citations for the most awards of the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medals. Several Appendixes include: * Data on all 19 Double Medal of Honor Recipients * Table of all Marine Medal of Honor Recipients by home State and Town. * Burial location for deceased Medal of Honor Recipients. * Table of Marine Medal of Honor Recipients by Rank. * Table of Marine Medal of Honor Recipients by Unit. * Tables of all Commandants, Assistant Commandants, and Sergeants Major of the Marine Corps. * Table of all Marine Corps aerial ACEs, showing their victory total and major earned awards. * Comprehensive Roster of Marine General Officers showing their highest rank and major awards. This is the definitive compendium for anyone interested in Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipients, General Officers, and air ACEs.