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Nancy Kern
Marry the Blue
Nancy Kern, author
Dr. Molly O’Connor White, a young, smart and accomplished new mother, picks up a romance novel one day that turns her world upside down. The book: Anna’s Blue. How it changes her life: Molly knows, or thinks she knows, that she is the tragic heroine at the heart of the book. A go-getter and impulsive soul by nature, Molly boldly sets out on a cross-country search for the mysterious author with her toddler on her hip and her Polish cleaning woman as her unwitting copilot. As she travels south in every sense of the word, Molly finds herself reliving her tumultuous past: a life which has had at its core mental illness, Catholic fanaticism, her own thwarted aspirations of becoming a writer, and the heartbreak of a lifetime. Will Molly’s quirky and vulnerable nature also provide her with the tools she needs to survive the perilous journey? And will the truth she is destined to face be devastating or beautiful or both?