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Martial Bliss. The Story of The Military Bookman.

Martial Bliss is a memoir of a singular, specialized antiquarian bookstore THE MILITARY BOOKMAN, which flourished in New York City for 27 years. The store, dealing in military, naval, and aviation history, came to have an international reputation and clientele. In the midst of a serious, almost scholarly atmosphere and a wealth of wonderful books, there was also the Sitcom. The author, a co-founder, tells of fascinating characters, and anecdotes set in a changing city. Some former customers still think of it as "'Cheers' without the booze!"

Colt’s account of one of the most famous specialized bookstores in Manhattan, the Military Bookman, is a refreshing trip back to the days when one could hunt specialty items in specialized stores. The Military Bookman, run by Colt and her husband, Harris, was one of the best bookstores in the country for military history and attracted an international clientele for more than 25 years. Colt recalls its entire history, from starting the bookstore to growing the business and traveling all over Europe in search of rare military books. She talks about the bookstore’s diverse fan base and the trials of catering to such a specific niche. Finally, in an intensely personal, bittersweet conclusion, she shows how the Internet led to the decline of the independent specialty bookstore. Colt has an exhaustive recollection of her years owning The Military Bookman: making her prize finds, developing the catalogue, and sharing private moments with buyers. All this information can be a boon, as readers really feel like they understand the business, but at times the narrative slows and meanders under the weight of facts. Colt is a strong writer, and she offers a wonderful glimpse into a rare and dying world for bibliophiles. (BookLife)