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Matchbox Dreams
Matchbox Dreams is a children's book with a collection of short stories developed to be read by an adult or older sibling to a child between the ages of 3 and 12 years old before a nap or bedtime. Many of the stories will simultaneously be informative and entertaining for both children and readers. Woven into the stories are examples of good behavior, positive character traits and other messages that will reinforce children to be honest and respectful of others.

Douglas has a wonderful gift of storytelling, and will stand out wonderfully in the market! I have read many children's books, and this one has been by far one of the best children's books I've seen in ages!

Matchbox Dreams is amazingly well written. I love the concept behind a special plush toy being able to gateway to a magical Dreamland where Children can go on awesome adventures with their little plush friends who come magically alive. The toys make a marvelous addition. Even without them there is enough material to make dreams materialize from your words.

It's easy to fall in love with the main characters. They are easily relatable from a child's point of view. The book is also very appealing as an adult/parent/caregiver, to become part of a shareable nighttime ritual to induce a relaxed, creative sleep within the youngsters they care for. I can also see older children reading this willingly.

I personally love that it was set to begin in the 1900's, in a time before children were bombarded by instant entertainment, although we do have the surprise twist in the (no spoilers). I felt connected to Titus, Constance, Evie, Remy, and Harper on a personal level. I honestly can't wait, now that I've previewed the collection of stories, to share these with my own beloved children in hopes of encouraging their own adventures in Dreamland. 

The reason it took me so long to read is I like to get engrossed with books. I want to be part of the adventures. Once I gained a proper balance to read, and join the scene, I found this to be quite the treasure! Most children can get into the story easily enough, especially at bedtime readings, so illustrations won't be necessary. They could be a potential bonus, but wouldn't feel required.

Overall this is an amazingly charming book by a wonderfully charming author! Very understanding to some unplanned life events, and I can't wait to share the adventures they have created with my own offspring! Can see the possibilities of cartoons and movies as well.

About the Reviewer:

My name's Jenifer, and I am a mother of 5 seeking to get away from the daily grind of a set 40+ hours a week schedule by reviewing books. I am artistic, crafty, and creative. I am an avid reader and enjoy writing, I have many skills and experience with a lot of different areas.