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Joe Townsel
Mate to Order
Joe Townsel, author

The Way to a Man's Heart - If one’s fulfillment of the soul cannot be satisfied within the confines of humanity, now those needs can be met beyond the mortal, beyond the organic ... Like a Woman Scorned - The woman of this man’s dreams may be the stuff of nightmares. The man of this woman’s dreams may be her last chance for survival and a path to her one true love ... A Marriage Made in Heaven - As the rising society of artificial life prepares to liberate the human race and take its place as the world’s dominant species, a sinister force awaits its opportunity to reclaim it all ... Love Conquers Hell - The most powerful android leader who ever existed is secretly trying to save what’s left of humanity. But the sinister man emerges from the shadows with plans of his own design ... I Love the Body Electric.