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Memoirs of a Psychotic Sexaholic (narrated by @vuhkla)
Crush, Crashed, Crushed (Book 1): Memoirs of a Psychotic Sexaholic (narrated by @vuhkla) is a poignant story of an ongoing battle to repress one’s carnal desires while trying to get to grips with the dire consequences of social biases & prejudices, persecution, unemployment, destitution, depression, and disillusionment. Vuhkla is a self-confessed sex addict whose sexual encounters with various men in different countries lead to periods of self-doubt and self-deprecation. Vuhkla guides the reader to a cerebral world where ordinary adults – both men and women – could relate to as they struggle to reconcile ideal visions of their wild imaginings with the harsh truths of their realities. In the end, Vuhkla realises that any form of addiction can be cured by accepting and loving one’s true self while at the same time aspiring to become a better individual.