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Memories of Chronosalis
Ceara Comeau, author

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

It’s one thing to read about heroes saving worlds in far-off galaxies, but to become one is an entirely different story. Sixteen-year-old Amber Oak wanted nothing more than to stay in her own world of music and solitude. But the inhabitants of Galaseya, a Utopian planet rooted in the past, had other ideas in mind. According to them, only she wielded the power to stop the dark forces threatening their home. At first, Amber sympathized with the planet but saw no reason to involve herself in the affairs of something outside her world. But the stakes have risen when she discovers that Galaseya is not only the world that has been invading her dreams, but also the place her estranged family originated from. With this new knowledge, questions began to surface and secrets of Amber’s life come to light causing her to second guess everything she knows.
Charmed Book Haven Reviews

Ceara does not skim on details in this novel. She brings her visions to life through colorful, in-depth depictions of the planet of Galaseya and the galaxies beyond our own comprehension. She deserves a spot amongst other writers of today and her characters will stay with you after the final page. If you are looking for your next YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy read, I highly suggest you pick this one up! You won’t regret it!

Red Headed Book Lover

Sci-fi is one of my most loved genres, and Memories of Chronosalis is now one of my favorite sci-fi books. Why? Well, it is utterly brilliant book lovers! Ceara Comeau has created a vivid, vibrant world that will take readers on a thrilling journey across the galaxy. Her creation of Galaseya is simply mind-blowing, the rich, vivid descriptions of this utopian planet is enough to make a reader perfectly imagine the planet and all that it holds. Readers who love to be effortlessly transported to another world will enjoy this book immensely because it does just this… flawlessly transport and capture a reader. I found myself attracted and intrigued from the first page, the author’s beautiful descriptions made me fall madly in love with this book.

Sammie Reads

I would recommend this to readers who enjoy science-fiction because everything about the setting was well-explained. The planets were all really unique with how they came to be. If you like a female lead and character development, then this is your book...