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Memory Lost
Great calamities haunt our memory. True calamity is Memory Lost. Thirteen-year-old Tibbs is dealing with normal worries like his demanding mother, starting high school, and trying to figure out the opposite sex. When his family makes their weekly visit to his Memom, they find her rocking silently in her favorite chair, her memory fading. At the hospital, Tibbs notices the headline flashing across the television screen: “The Wiping: Why Elderly Across the Globe Are Losing Their Memories.” As the world struggles with this frightening new phenomenon that robs people of their memories at the end of their days, Tibbs realizes he is starting to regain memories from his childhood, far beyond what any normal human should be able to remember. Others begin to recover their memories as well, and find the public displays of their talents to be lucrative. His family escapes to their cabin in southern Pennsylvania where he meets an indigenous girl named Sitala. She takes him to a secluded boulder in the woods where memories of his father who died when he was four fill his mind. While the crumbling of an industrialized nation surrounds him, he must decide whether to share his newfound powers and become famous, or stay silent. As memories accumulate, he begins to see himself and his parents in new ways. Will he like what he finds? Memory Lost takes us on an apocalyptic roller coaster ride through the eyes of Tibb’s coming of age, showing us how the past defines our relationships with our parents and our friends in ways we only understand with time. A standalone novel, it is in the vein of stories such as, The Age of Miracles and The Giver.