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Message with Purpose: Swipe Dating Simplified

On the surface, Message with Purpose is a how-to guide to Tinder and other swipe apps. On a deeper level, it's a guide on how to be more expressive, creative, and authentic in your communication. Michael combines his personal dating experiences as well as his knowledge of improvisational theater, stand-up comedy, and working in sales to provide readers with a clear model to follow for more successful (and fun) dates.

He covers everything from how to write your profile, how to swipe, how to send the first message, how to carry a conversation, when to ask for the date, how to ask for the date, and how to act on your date to improve your chances of getting another.

He also goes where few other dating books have gone before, covering the intangibles: what happens if the date sucks? What do you do if you've been ghosted? What if you're burnt out from online dating? Michael seeks to resolve the question of how can we not lose face-to-face interaction through a screen? How can we not only keep our humanity through seemingly dehumanizing technology, but elevate our lives and relationships through it?