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Metrofloat New York

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Several hundred years in the future, Earth is a different planet. Artificial gravity has been invented and “flying” has given way to “floating”: giant platforms with cities remain above the growing surface temperatures as enclaves of the privileged. A global pandemic has wiped out 80% of those on the ground and a virulent, flesh-eating disease, necrofasc, has left most with artificial body parts. War has been replaced by survival. There are too few left to fight. Metrofloat New York, a futuristic city of thirty million, is run by an oligarchy of five rich and powerful people. An unknown killer, working from within the system, attempts to seize control and declare himself dictator by methodically removing all rivals. Detective Matthew Heart, teamed with a female police synthetic, must unravel the mystery of the secret assailant and stop his killing spree.