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Milly and the Tale from Across the Street
Martha Klopp, author

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Milly is an imaginative 10 year old girl. She is excited when a new girl, Cora, moves into the beautiful, old, and mysterious house across the street. They become fast friends and they discover a secret room. In that room, there is a dramatic journal and magical potion recipes. They waste no time trying out “Canine Communication” and have a ball with Milly’s dog, Angus. It’s not all fun and games when they come across journal entries and old letters hinting at an evil son who is plotting against children everywhere. They find out he wants all children to be mindlessly obedient and devoid of all kid-related fun. When both her brother and Cora are the guinea pigs to the evil plot, it’s up to Milly to save the day.

Thank you to Victory Editing for sending me an ebook review copy through NetGalley of Milly and the Tale from Across the Street written by Martha Klopp.

This was such an exciting mystery and I really enjoyed getting to read it and see what Milly was going to do next and what potion would be done and how quickly things changed.

Milly always admired the house across the street and then one day a new family moved in including Cora a girl her own age, while exploring the house together they found a hidden room with a journal, secret recipes and the ingredients for them, they took to experimenting together having fun until they discovered something, that someone else had used them and had dark plans. Milly on her own ends up having to solve the problems and save the children from being “Zombies”.

This book was honestly a fun read, i loved the potions element and all the things they were playing around with to see what it would really do. The characters were all very well written and connected well to each other. I really liked that it was also a mystery that you didn’t know how it was all going to be solved and you were rooting for Milly to fix the whole thing and fast so no one else would get the “cure”.

I recommend this book, it’s an exciting and fun read, written really well and will entice you into the story so quickly, you’ll want to solve it with Milly.