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Ebook Details
  • 11/2017
  • 978-973-0-25797-7 B077C64G37
  • 32 pages
  • $3.99
Ina Curic
Mirabelle's Forest Garden
Ina Curic, author

Children/Young Adult; Science & Nature; (Market)

This book is a needed addition to elementary permaculture and sustainable gardening education. It interweaves educational activities and questions with community building, plant knowledge and engaging artwork.

Do you want to make sustainable gardening fun to engage with and learn? Envision a place with the benefits of garden and forest, playground and outdoor school, leisure and work ground in one! A little girl is walking through her (global) village collecting seeds, support and advice for a forest garden project in her community. A story that goes beyond trees and plants to community sharing and caring for others. Join the vision quest to see what’s in it for you!

Karl Treen, Author, Food Forest Card Game

“A spirited young girl builds community and sustainability.  Mirabelle pursues her project with spirit and determination, inspiring us all to learn more about plants and perennial gardens. The imagery is beautiful and the story engaging. Well done!”

Matt Powers, author of The Permaculture Student series

"Mirabelle's Forest Garden is a much needed and beautiful addition to elementary permaculture education - it interweaves educational activities and questions with community building and plant knowledge seamlessly with colorful and engaging artwork and playful but detailed writing. Bravo!"

Carolyn Nutall, Author, Outdoor Classrooms

"A delightful book for the young gardener."


Janet Millington, Outdoor Classrooms Approach to Learning, AU

“A wonderful engaging book so necessary as a resource for the growing Garden Pedagogy that gives so much hope for the hearts and minds of our future decision makers”.


Jenn Matchain, The Green Diary, Ireland

"A story that goes beyond trees and plants to community building and caring for others.

Heart-fuelled inspiration for how we can address skepticism towards new visions with kindness."


John Wages, Publisher, Permaculture Design Magazine

"Mirabelle’s Forest Garden teaches children to trust their dreams, which is extremely important by itself. The book also presents important concepts like permaculture, perennial plants, and mushroom growing, in a way that’s easy for children to understand. “Forest Garden Dreamin’ on such a winter’s day.” 

Lusi Alderslowe, Children in Permaculture Network

"This inspiring and empowering book will delight and charm children, with a wise story, stunning illustrations and beautiful poetry." 

Nicholas Burtner, Director of the School of Permaculture:

Mirabelle's Forest Garden is a fun and engaging story that will keep young readers engaged. The story has a positive way of challenging the status quo of previously boxed in thinking about the segregation of food. Once read, the mind of a young person will be filled with ways of designing and planting food growing systems that both heal people and the planet.

Robyn Veraart, The Transylvania School of Self Sufficient Living

"After reading the story to our seven year old son, he promptly got to work, with pen and paper, designing his own forest garden. He did not stop for the rest of the day and ideas continued to flow many days later…This book contains magic that unleashed his imagination and helped him to enter into our world in a way that is truly contributive in unique and astonishing ways."


Santiago Miranda, Molinos Verdes de Moringa, Costa Rica

 "Great conversation starter with children about the importance of community, bio-diversity, asking for help and at the same time following one's dreams."


Ebook Details
  • 11/2017
  • 978-973-0-25797-7 B077C64G37
  • 32 pages
  • $3.99