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Misfit in Hell to Heaven Expat

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

Early 2000, I was placed into a medically-induced coma and onto a ventilator for three weeks. During that time, I awoke in Hell. Standing up to the demands of Demons, I eventually found myself in Heaven and was greeted by my recently-deceased best friend. Being told "I had too much left to do" preceded my exit from the coma. This memoir encompasses my journey to, during, and after the life-twisting event and contains the messages I was sent back to share.



"Misfit in Hell to Heaven Expat" is a perfectly titled book in that clearly M. K. McDaniel was not meant to linger in torment, but to return to the light and love she now enjoys bringing into the lives of others who have known despair. In page-turning fashion, the author takes us along for an epic heroine's journey, literally to hell and back. I consider it a must read."  ~ Kimberly Clark Sharp, MSW, LCSW, President of the Seattle International Association for Near-Death Studies"