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Misguided Enchantment

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Every small town has its challenges; such is their nature. But for the seemingly good people of the town of Felton, danger seems to lurk around every corner these days for those who just happen to be young. The first incident arrived amid the blissful sights and smells of the Polk County Fair. Two girls are killed, and a young man is left fighting for his life. Authorities soon learn it was no accident. Before the community can recover from the first tragedy, the residents are again shocked when a pregnant young woman is found buried in a shallow grave. At first, Police have nothing to go on. But weeks later they finally receive a tip that puts them hot on the killer’s trail. The how and why will shock even the most discerning reader as much as it shocked the residents of Felton. In the way only close-knit communities can, the people of Felton rally around the injured and comfort those who lost their children. The town is determined to heal, to walk hand-in-hand into the mire and come out clean on the other side. Still, for the citizens of Felton, it would appear Evil has not yet called retreat.