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Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Lanna Zar is flying through Manhattan’s sun-shower-drenched streets in a state of bliss. She thinks she might be in love. But when an eccentric young woman elbows her in the chest, and the idiot from the high-rise above flicks his half-lit cigarette over the balcony and it scalds her jaw, she is startled into a darker train of thought. “A redhead. A cigarette. Now what, an outline of a body?” Then it hits her like a baseball bat–Sophie. A woman whose death haunts her. And so MISSWIRED begins. 

Set against the hypnotic backdrop of the New York City skyline, amidst the fantastical luxuries of the ultra-wealthy, and juxtaposed by the natural wonder that is Mother Earth, MISSWIRED follows the interwoven trials and tribulations of Lanna Zar and Sam Azurite, two estranged friends, as they flourish in soul-sucking professions, evolve in their romantic relationships, and process profound loss.

If you think your radar for identifying love might be damaged, MISSWIRED is a journey that will entertain you as it fills the void. 

Kirkus Reviews

"Makhkmali's smart debut has a unique style and structure that is held together by vivid characterization ... the emotions play out wonderfully."