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Modern Day Cowboy
Is Mattie morally wrong for killing someone for money if they both agreed to try and kill each other? She's not a killer, in the traditional since. Those who judge her character just simply lack the conviction to do what she does naturally? She kills people, so what, what if she likes it? Those freakin' Lincoln girls... David watched the hotel video... Mattie don't remember nothin', so she don't feel guilty. Yeah, she would do it all over again the exact same way. She won, they lost. She has just been awaken in the forest by the sun tapping on her eyelids, covered in blood like she's wearing a red t-shirt, ain't hers. The squirrel is reading from a prayer book while the birds are chirping a dirge. Now she smells exhaust coming from somewhere. A car light is shining through some trees a bit away. There's a trail and it ain't acorns. Sho' ain't no yellow brick road, it's red. Patches of trees are knocked off, splintered, Delilah, her heavy gun. There's a couple of her youngins' missin', bullet one, bullet two, the rest must be snugged comfortably. A clearing, the car is still running, lodged in an oak. Where in the hell did she park? Shit, body one, body two, where is body three? The battle started late night in the Holiday Inn. She had a sip of Hennessy at the bar, couldn't sleep. Those Lincoln girls came in talking crazy cause she killed Pistol Pete, fucker had it coming. Now, here comes The ORG's people. Someone set up a row of domino's and by accident Mattie touched the first one. Now all she can do is watch. Some kind of declaration of war from some unseen enemy. They even kidnapped her love. Seems another woman has her David, holding him captive in Spain while preparing for their wedding. Maybe her secret desire for Ramon has something to do with it.