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Ed Payne
Molly and the Bully -- The Daily Rounds of a Hound 2
Ed Payne, author
Molly Malone and her nine pups have a problem. They live in a neighborhood where it's dog-eat-dog and the other hounds don't always play fair. Exploring their new world, the pups aren't ready for what they encounter -- bullying. The pups have a choice. Will they give in or will they use the power of love to prevail? "Molly and the Bully" is a special story about bullying, stereotyping and the power of love. It's told through the eyes of our favorite former shelter dog and her pups.
The Midwest Review

Book Two of the Daily Rounds of a Hound series, "Molly and the Bully" is a charming illustrated story in verse about a dog's eye view of such things as bullying, stereotyping, and love.

First, the back story is told of Molly, the shelter dog who found a forever home and surprised her new family by giving birth to nine puppies.

In Molly's puppies is a little hound named Patches who is targeted by neighborhood dogs for bullying and rough treatment, which makes him very sad.

Molly comforts him with her tongue the best she can, remembering her painful experiences when she was homeless, and received helpful counsel from an unusual pit bull therapist named Frederick.

Though he was shunned and hated because of dog stereotypes, Frederick told Molly: "Love... is the key to it all. They can scorn you. They can hate you. But it's up to you to love one and all."

The next time the little pups went out, Charlee, a bully Chihuahua, barked and threatened the puppies, calling them names and being very cruel.

But the puppies organized and told her: "Stop right there....We love you, Charlee, and we don't care if you ignore us.... We're all just hounds, None are better. None are worse. Some come from breeders, some come from shelters. Some are different, but none are first."

The puppies overcame Charlee's threats and bullying behavior with love.

The touching narrative, expressively adorned with charming pictures of Molly's puppies and the other, bullying dogs, ends with these wise lines:

"A bully is not how you're born, but how you act. And remember it well as you consider this fact. Whether purebred or stray, whether pretty or with fleas. Love your hound, tan, red or brown and you'll get more in return you'll see."

What a touching message of tolerance, told in hound terms especially for kids!