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James Mulhern
Author, Editor (anthology), Service Provider
Molly Bonamici/1523807806
A senior in high school, Molly, accompanies her grandmother and a sad alcoholic neighbor to an alleged faith healer in a seedy section of downtown Boston. Molly is told by Lady Jane, the faith healer, that she is an Angel of Death, and will be surrounded by tragedy most of her life. Some of those deaths will be gruesome and violent. Within a short time, it seems the faith healer’s prediction has come true. Not a person disposed to believing in the paranormal, psychic abilities, or even religion, Molly goes on a quest to live an authentic life, and learn everything that she can about what is really true. She leaves her provincial Catholic neighborhood to explore the world. Pondering questions about the meaning of life and faith itself, she meets quirky, colorful people, laughing and sometimes crying in her journey. At age 41, Molly discovers that there are more mysteries and twists in life than we can ever possibly imagine. She is shocked by the knowledge that she gains, as well as startled by the events and surprises along the way.