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Mom, Mania, and Me, Surviving and Changing a Volatile Relationship
Finalist: Tucson Festival of Books 2016 Trophy Award, Australian NNAAMI, 2016 MOM, MANIA, and ME, Surviving and Changing a Volatile Relationship Life with Diane Dweller's mother Dixie is never dull, especially during the jubilant part of her periodic spells. Dixie hosts large parties, impulsively buys cars and houses, and speeds everywhere. But the fun times don't last. One moment she is fine, the next, furious. Scary. Chaos, fun, and heartbreak describe Diane's lifetime struggle to cope with her mother. It takes a series of ten seismic events to change Diane, Dixie, and their dysfunctional relationship. These life-changing events include a childhood list, a movie, a medication reaction, four confrontations, and one coma. The survival behavoirs Diane develops take her from her frightened childhood, hiding under her bed, to her appearnaces on national television as successful author. The scared child, frustrated teen, and insecure adult reveals how she learns to let go of negative memories, stand up to difficult people, and accept what she cannot change. This vivid description of the impact of a mental illness on a family is an inspiring story of survival. The lessons Diane shares provide ways others may improve their ouw volatile relationships. Dweller's memoir fills a void in the books about mental illness. It is rare for a child of a bipolar parent to reveal what they experience and it focuses on mania, not depression. The Appendix includes Facts and Data about Bipolar Disorder plus international Resources that provide help for families with a mentally ill member.