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M. N. SNow
Monkey Man
M. N. SNow, author
Global warming fixes have overshot their mark and boomeranged the world into global cooling. Four people are drawn together in this neo-noir punk, dystopian, novel set in the near future: --Delores Manning, a shrewd, New York femme fatale chasing her ex-husband and the money he stole from her. --Wally Moon, back from his fifth combat tour, on three different continents, in a world perpetually at war. --Julie Newman, recently a civilian, laying low and wondering if it's paranoia, or is someone really after her. --Finally, Danny "Java" Vacha (Vuh-SHAY)—who is definitely NOT a private detective. In Wally Moon's words, "Think of Java as Robin Hood… with a lead-pipe."
Reviewer's Bookwatch

The Review

What really stands out about this novel above all else is the effortless way the author blends so many different genres into one narrative. One moment readers are in a future punk style setting filled with people who have been physically and mentally altered or enhanced, and then in the next readers are exploring a noir style mystery with a futuristic military and espionage thriller bend. Yet the narrative never feel confusing or overstocked, instead bringing a new natural mixture of genres that really works in the reader’s benefit. 

The characters themselves are also a huge draw. In this futuristic, cataclysmically different world the author has created, the characters feel both cinematic and relatable all at once. The core connection these characters share speaks of a story of makeshift families, struggles with the vices of our world and the horrors of war on the human psyche. These deep, emotional and wonderfully told elements of the characters only serve to better enhance the narrative set in this action-packed punk world. 

The Verdict

This is a new punk style novel that any fan of cyberpunk, Neo-noir style punk or any other reader of the overall genre will absolutely fall in love with. It’s an evenly paced read filled with twists and turns, and creates a detailed image of the scenes playing out in the reader’s minds. From mind control and sexually driven body modifications to military black ops and the bonds of a self-made family, this adult noir-punk style novel is beautifully written and a must read book in 2019. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy of M.N. Snow’s “Monkey Man” today!

Rating: 10/10