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Matt McAvoy
Author, Service Provider
Monoland: The Shimmering Mist
MJV Literary, Editor

The second book in the series. Following the story Monoland: Into the Gray Horizon. Monoland is not heaven or hell. It’s a place somewhere in between. The World with no colors, but full of possibilities. Events that are changing the perception and paradigm of existence for ones who step into this plane. The monochrome world where newcomers break bonds with past life, apprentices study the crafts of three factions working for the good of Grey and Colored worlds.


TLDR: It was a good read. If you liked the first book of the series - you will surely like the second one.
Going back to the world of Monoland was an adventure which I was waiting since I read the last sentence of the Gray Horizons.
In the second book you are diving deeper in to the underground world of Monoland and the events here are much more dramatic and kinda dangerous (especially taking in consideration that everyone here is "dead").
Owen is still unpredictable and sometimes selfish (and sometimes deserves a punch in the face).
Monoland still keeps its secrets and reveals itself slowly like mountains over the horizon.

Summing up: I see great future for this author and this series. One good thing: he can't kill the main characters (once more).
Godspeed Eugene!


Splendid! Book was read through in one sitting.

Story is constantly evolving, adding new interesting characters or unique places, giving explanations on some moments from the first book and raises new questions.
First book "Into the Gray Horizon" was mainly describing the world and order's of Monoland, here in "The Shimmering Mist" focus is on the main character Owen, who takes risky decisions and make uneasy choices without understanding the consequences that will follow. We will be introduced to "underground" schemes and hidden secrets of this mysterious world.

Unpredictable and stunning ending! Can't wait to read what author have prepared for us in his next book about Monoland.