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Montgomery Rabbit
Sandy Little, author

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Publish)

​​Adventure and mysteries await a young lop-eared rabbit when he accidently falls through a hole in the fence.

With no way back to his shady, comfortable yard, Montgomery sets out to explore the world beyond. Along the way, he meets a field rabbit named Bentley, and the two are off in search of the legendary raspberry patch. Their mission is a treacherous one, and Montgomery will come face- to- face with preditors he's never known before- coyotes, hawks, and even a rattlesnake! But the two rabbits find that by helping each other, and by excepting the help of a few new friends, they just might reach their treasure: a patch of juicy raspberries!

Montgomery and Bentley's adventure is one of danger and excitement and self discovery, as the rabbits learn important life lessons and discover a friendship to last a lifetime.

Foreword magazine/ foreword reviews

Little's writing and illustrator David Wenzel's lifelike pictures combine to create a wonderful story that both young and old will love. ​​In this day and age, it's so wonderful to settle in with Montgomery Rabbit, a heartwarming book with such a simple story line.  -Foreword Reviews  4/28/16