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Tom Hyde
More Hype Than Glory: The Slow Rise and Sudden Collapse of New Zealand Basketball 1982-1981
Tom Hyde, author
Next to rugby, basketball in New Zealand was considered a “minor” sport until the formation of a national league, in 1982. The national league not only thrived, after ten years its popularity had soared beyond expectations. Games were played in every major city and provincial town where stadiums were sold out and media coverage, including televised games, was greater than ever. Time and time again, it was said that New Zealand basketball was “booming.” Then the bottom fell out, the league collapsed, and the guns were silent. One day the sport was a million-dollar enterprise, the next day is was broke. What happened and why is the subject of this investigation by Tom Hyde, an award-winning feature writer for Metro magazine and the former editor and publisher of Basketball Times.
Angelo Hill - former Washington State basketball star

A great read

Brendan Teller - veteran NZ sports broadcaster

Kiwi basketball unplugged. Tom Hyde’s forensic examination of the New Zealand national basketball league in the 80s and early 90s superbly captures the rise and fall of the sport’s flagship competition during those heady days.

Michael Kiss - Australian basketball fan

An outstanding read