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Noel Scidmore
Mortal Conspiracy
Butch Kennedy, beloved husband and father, has just suffered his second-this time fatal-heart attack. This came as more than the usual shock to his distraught family since after his first heart attack he seemed to have made a good recovery and had almost completely returned to his old life. To get answers, they request an autopsy, the responsibility for which falls to the twenty-nine-year old pathology resident, Dr. Brad Pierson. Nothing out of the ordinary-or so he he thinks until weeks later he happens upon his file again, only to find serious discrepancies with the original report. Puzzled, he reports reports the matter to his superiors, not knowing that in doing so he had stumbled onto a dark conspiracy involving a greedy health insurance company, a corrupt network of physicians, and the highest level of government power, all aimed at enriching themselves at the expense of patients' health, and even their lives. And to protect this conspiracy, as Brad all too quickly discovers, they will stop at nothing,-including murder. Can this honest young physician stand against such powerful forces and expose their machinations before they can silence him forever?