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Mother's holding hands
Sayyeda, author
When I was day of born I was so very sick because when I was in sick kids for children's hospital because is part of Sent from my iPad When I looked so beautiful unborn baby when my mom is good hands to unborn baby how is makes better . When my parents were helping with all my needs abilities because when I was unborn baby. When my parents takes me to sick kids for children's hospital for my stomach check so they always be there with me so long when they hold me when I got ivy so then they take me to same body house when I was born . They all are supporting to me when I am sick they are always having problems solving when I was born then I got a lots of stress and when I needed me with their problems they always to Allah will handing it . When I was 13 years old I got j tube button but then my mom was holding me on my arms when my mom is crying with me and in the queens park in downtown . When I starting to go Thornhill secondary school when I started grade nine when I had been learned of many skills when I was in special needs room 137 classroom when I meet new teachers . They are helping me with my stories also they helped me with my resume for work placement because my mom was taking me to vita community living services when I started to there because when I started just graduating at the thornhill secondary schools my mom takes me to Sunny Brooks hospital . When we're to meet surgeon when they put me to sleep until my parents were went to hajj In Middle East when they pray for me over there . I was with my staff Erica were taking me out to every places when some of the members peers we're starting to bullying me and I am getting worries or stress also Erica was helping with that and she takes me to weight watchers every meeting. They have many of snacking also many of soft drinks were making business so then when I was 28 years old my whole families came to my house to celebrate of my birthday party so I enjoyed with them rest of my life . 29 years old when my parents got thorough when I was so sick when I was in Sunny Brooks Hospital when I was Lots of pain when my young sister were planning her wedding so then my whole families came to hospital so then when my mom is surfing too much she needs me when she needs me . They almost me die so I am still alive so Allah helped me when I need him so he saved my life and when my uncle , aunts were at my house they came visited me in sunny brooks hospital Also they are praying for me when I get better. Right now I had half days if doctors said so then I loved my mom so very much when I needed her to hold her to hug her when rest of my whole life may of Allah is giving me perfect life as to headed somewhere in my whole future . Right now I am published writers in many of stories books in my bedroom in my closet to see that and my mom is sick then now she is fine just liked that so brain problems not any more I am so happy to see her better now she will goes back to her work I will miss my mammy when she to goes work.