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Mr. Gobble Chops and Lady in No More Bullies
Robert Burns, author
Lady is a little kitty struggling to adjust to her new surroundings in the suburbs. To make matters worse, Lady must now face the bully of Maple Street, Oscar the tomcat. Her new best friend, Mr. Gobble Chops, helps her stand up for herself and turn the tables on Oscar and his gang.
Jamie DeNovo


"Charming anti-bullying story reminiscent of the Disney Classics.


Mr. Gobble Chops has all the elements of a best-seller children's series! Children between the ages of two and eight will love it. Funny and heart-warming, with a memorable cast of characters, Mr. Gobble Chops and Lady will enchant little listeners-while teaching them that true power comes in friendship and kindness not meanness and bullying. This book merits a place in every kindergarden, daycare and school library."


Jamie DeNovo

Mother, Grandmother and author of How to Build Your Impossible Muscle 


Second printing

Mascot Publishing just informed me that Mr. Gobble Chops and Lady in No More Bullies is scheduled to go into its second printing.

Very excited,