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My CBT Journal
I wrote this book because I found that many of my clients found it very difficult to remember topics discussed in their CBT sessions. I discovered that giving people hand-outs tended to help a bit, but that sheets of A4 paper tended to get lost quite easily. I wanted to find a way to help my clients to keep a permanent record of their progress, so that they could look back over what they did at any time in the future. The outcome is the book that you are reading right now. Making records can be very helpful when completing CBT. You can write notes in this book before, during, and after your sessions. This book can be used as a memory aid, and to complete homework tasks set by your therapist. Many people don’t like writing in books, and in most of the CBT books I’ve looked at the pages are a little too small to write in. So I’ve made this book especially large, just so you can write in it. So please write in it! Write all over it if you like. If you are having one-to-one CBT sessions take it with you to your sessions, and use it to make notes during, or after your sessions. When you have CBT, your therapist might not always have the worksheets that you need, and sometimes the sheets that are given out can end up all over the place. This book will help you to keep your sheets in one place, so that they don’t get misplaced or lost. You can also use this book to complete homework tasks set by your therapist.