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Laura Doyle
My Child, as You Grow Older
Laura Doyle, author
My Child, As You Grow Older offers a blueprint for children to learn from the changes they face as they grow. Written with a gentle and fun approach, this book presents a fresh perspective on some of the day-to-day challenges of life, and suggests a way that children can emerge from them with a positive outlook and renewed strength. Readers young and old will find My Child, As You Grow Older a celebration of resilience and self-esteem.


A wonderful book with great illustrations and such good “words to live by” for any age child. Highly recommend as the price was right for such a nice book.  



A beautiiful book... I wish it was around when I was growing up, but as another reviewer said, "It's for all ages", and it is. Wonderfully written, this book guides children (and adults) through the sometimes rocky road of life. It helps us think before we act. It tells us to forgive ourselves. It helps us realize exactly who we are and how we fit in the world. The big lesson is that we fit how we think we should fit, not anyone else's idea of how we should be or act, or what we should want in our life We have our own road to travel and sometimes it's hard, but it's always rewarding. The illlustrations are great! This book teaches life's lessons in a loving, helpful, spiritual (not religious) way. I bought one for my 4 year-old grandson, and one for my 45 year-old daughter. I know they both will love this book. I do!


Kim Hurley:

The book was a outstanding book that addressed many issues in young people growing up with a loving touch!
Easy for parents to share with their children as a guide to help their children deal will life's adversities that they will have to deal with.
I would highly recommend the book to any parents that spend time reading with their children.



What a gem! This book was not only insightful, but appeals to both parents and children. We went to a book signing with the author. She is a delightful woman who takes pride in her writing, as well as meeting her audience. A must buy for all the children in your life!



As a teacher, in middle school, and mother of two, this book is uplifting and inspirational. It is not for just a child but all people. Life’s difficulties hits all ages, and the words spoken within this book speak to all.



I love the positive messages and encouragement to young children. Very good messages!!



Great children's book and even better adult book. It is a must have for every family library.



I attended a reading of this book by the author and I was completely moved by the book. I purchased the book and the coloring book for my nephew. It is a great children's (and adult) book! I highly recommend it!