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My Father Called Me Bobby is an intriguing memoir detailing Bobby’s experiences growing up in an Italian family in the ‘50s and exploring the sexual revolution a few decades later. The first-person narrative welcomes readers into his childhood and his initial experiences with God, faith, and religion, all tied in with the influences and antics of his Italian family. His initial decision to join the seminary and become a priest will not come as a surprise. Determined to be a priest, he spends almost four years in the seminary until the sexual revolution of the 60s turns his world upside down and he leaves the Church. He begins to experiment with his sexuality with women and then with men during one of the most infamous times in New York City. His descriptive writing style paints a vivid picture for his readers, allowing them to relive his experiences at his side, maintaining their attention page after page. His relationship with Beryl will warm the hearts of the readers and as events unfold, will shake them to their core. My Father Called Me Bobby will remind readers to live their lives to the fullest---full of love and passion and laughter---and is sure to leave readers enthralled until the very last page.