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Hardcover Book Details
  • 11/03/14
  • 9780615987040
  • 32 pages
  • $17.99
Lesley Dahlseng
My Kiss Won't Miss

A bedtime or anytime story! "My Kiss Won't Miss" demonstrates the constant and pursuing love of a mother when her son sneaks out of bed and hides. Her commitment is this: "If I can't catch you for a kiss, I'll blow a kiss and it won't miss." There is no hiding place to which her kiss cannot be blown. Yet in the end, a love even greater than a mother's is revealed!

This story is inspired by Romans 8:38-39 which states that nothing can separate us from the love of God. The illustrations further capture the universal quality of God's love with their diverse character depictions. This book will offer both adventure and comfort appropriate for children ages two to five.          

Celina Cuadro (Book Ideas)

"Lesley Dahlseng's My Kiss Won't Miss is a rare gem of a book!  This is the kind of read-to-me book that can build beautiful bedtime memories for parents and their young children.  The rhymes are simple and can be read animatedly, or one can break into song and make it into a story-turned-lullaby.  The illustrations are both breathtakingly beautiful and bring out warm-fuzzy feelings.  This is definately a book worth snuggling with your little ones for before tucking them in!

The sing-song quality of the rhyme makes the content adaptable to reading or singing, making it easy for young children to remember the rhymes themselves eventually.  And I cannot praise the illustrations enough - Mirela Tufan's work is delicately beautiful.  The mother of the story looks angelic and benevolent, and the rich illustrations represent children all over the world finding comfort and peace in a Mother's love, and ultimately in God's love as well.

This is a 'hope chest' kind of book.  The kind that one unearths many years into one's adulthood, bringing to mind a mother's love, the Lord's blessings, and one's most precious childhood moments.  Highly recommended."

D. Donovan (Midwest Book Review, e-book Reviewer)

My Kiss Won't Miss is an excellent picture book for pre-school to kindergarten readers.  It offers the dilemma of a mother whose young son doesn't just enjoy hiding by day, but sneaks out of bed at night to play hide-and-seek.  The mother's idea is that her love will follow him wherever he goes; even when she can't see or find him - and it's part of a greater idea that God's love follows the same path.

Mirela Tufan provides vivid, compelling color illustrations throughout the story and her colors and hues are lovely enhancements of the story line.  There are streams with swans, dreamscapes with lambs, rafts on water with cozy coves . . . all the trappings of dream fantasy worlds where a mother's love embraces a wayward son.

The rhyme is wonderful, the message simple, and the delivery was very easy to understand, all wrapped up with the lovely supportive illustrations.  The conclusion seems somewhat abrupt for a bedtime story centering on a mother's love that only the last few pages incorporates the quote from Romans, but ultimately, it worked - and, very nicely, by pairing the familiar images of a loving mother who sees all and gives unconditional love with that of the wider concept of a God who does the same.  The very young preschooler will receive an introduction to the concept based on something he may already be very familiar with.

Christian families seeking a strong starting point for relating God to a young child's experience will thus find My Kiss Won't Miss an excellent choice.

Feathered Quill Book Reviews

There is such a wealth of beauty and love filtered through this tale, that it becomes one of those books (one of those rare books) that will appear on parents’ shelves all over the globe. There are very few titles that parents can recite off the top of their heads (example: Goodnight Moon), and My Kiss Won’t Miss now joins those elite titles as being a ‘must-have’ and a ‘must-read’ for children everywhere.

In this journey, the spotlight shines on the absolute, unconditional love a mother has for her child. This begins with an evening like all moms can attest to having, where a child simply does not want to go to sleep, and to avoid the process of bedtime, finds hiding places in order to stay up longer. In this tale, Mom delivers a promise to the child that if she can’t reach her son to give him a kiss (because he’s hiding), then she will blow a kiss that will find him no matter where he happens to be. In other words, her love will NEVER miss.

From beds of flowers to haystacks (that are stunningly illustrated, by the way), the mother’s kiss blows like a soft breeze through every page, following the little boy through his adventures. But it’s not only the boy’s own realm that is shown, the adventures continue throughout the boy’s dreams where the reader meets up with other children resting in peaceful locations around the world. From the warm desert to the big, blue ocean where a shell is the bed of choice, Mom’s softly colored kiss always and forever moves forward across each page, proving that Mom will never give up.

The book also involves yet another special, unconditional kiss that is sent down to the sleeping boy from far above in Heaven. It is that never-ending kiss that is granted from the Lord who created and watches over each child resting in every beautiful location across the mighty universe.

Yes, this is a simple tale, yet a timeless one. And if there is one thing children need in this society today, it is to own the knowledge that they are never alone; that the kiss of kindness and love from the people and Our Lord who watches over them, is always there no matter what life brings. The illustrations are truly magical, and the brightness of the colors and sweet-looking characters will have kids shouting for THIS to be the tale told every night…before heading off to sleep to have their own adventures.

Quill says: People ask how a classic is made. Well…this author and illustrator most certainly found the perfect blend of magic words and unforgettable pictures to become one.

Foreword Reviews

Blown kisses swirl through the air in search of their designated child in this loving bedtime story whose rhyme and repetition sings like a lullaby.  Flowery illustrations portray exquisite locales – from a child drifting to sleep in a barn, to one in a desert, another on the moon – to show that a parent’s tuck-in ritual will reveal their love no matter the distance between them and their kin.

Kirkus Review (

A mother’s kiss follows a child from playtime to the hidden corners of his dreams in this debut children’s book.

Dahlseng depicts an evening experience most parents will recognize, featuring an adventuresome child who isn’t quite ready to go to bed. The boy’s primary tactic to delay his bedtime is hiding in unusual places where his mother can’t find him. She looks for him in haystacks and flower beds, but he manages to sneak away to the meadow. Without a trace of frustration, the mother assures him that even if she can’t catch him herself, she can blow him a kiss that will follow him into slumber. The title appears as a refrain as the mother searches for her son and during his adventures while sleeping. His charming romps expand to include children everywhere, in their dreams and at rest in cozy places around the world. Illustrations show children frolicking in meadows and across deserts, then curling up under shells at the bottom of the ocean and on clouds in the sky. The mother’s kiss floats on a continuous stream that weaves through each scene’s background—a pastel-colored plume that sparkles and shimmers with unconditional love. The story concludes with a wisp of divine intervention, as God’s kiss floats down on the sleeping boy’s bed, with the same power of love as his mother’s. The final page then offers a biblical verse (Romans 8:38-39) about God’s universal love. Full-color illustrations with clean lines show timeless settings around the world, as young boys and girls tend sheep, float on rafts and wrestle with sled dogs. All of Tufan’s characters have thick hair, doe eyes and slender limbs—features that feel similar to those of animated characters in kids’ movies. Italicized words work well as points of emphasis, particularly when reading the book aloud. Although the story’s simple structure deviates little from that of the opening scene, its easy rhythm and bright pictures will likely entertain youngsters, including infants and toddlers.


Great news for My Kiss Won't Miss!  The award list continues:

* Illumination Award Gold Medalist

* Feathered Quill Award Gold Medalist

* Reader Views Literary Award Gold Medalist

* Five Star Publications Award for Best Children's Illustrated

* INDIEFAB Book of the Year Finalist

Hardcover Book Details
  • 11/03/14
  • 9780615987040
  • 32 pages
  • $17.99