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Jim Bowen
My Mosaic Alphabet Book
Jim Bowen, illustrator

Children/Young Adult; Health, Diet & Parenting; (Market)

Artist Jim Bowen has created a marvelous alphabet of mosaic art. Each of the mosaic panels created and the photographed for this hardcover book contain hundreds of pieces of stained glass which have been carefully hand cut using glass cutters and nippers. Each alphabet panel took Jim over forty hours to create. Along with the rhymes of his wife Debbie, they have created My Mosaic Alphabet Book to encourage young people to learn new words and explore new places.

My Mosaic Alphabet Book is a hit!

We are so excited that our book has been on the matket now for 3 weeks and sales are much better than we could have imagined. We have over 19 reviews on Amazon at last count- many are from teachers who approve of the fine art work, but especially the literation that makes MMAB a fun and educational experiance for parentsand child. The book can be ordered on Amazon or for signed copies at

My Mosaic Alphabet Book is now in the hands of our printer!

On May 10th, "My Mosaic Alphabet Book" was sent to the printers. This is very exciting because the book design took many months to complete. We were fortunate enough to work with a very creative (and patient) book designer from New York City named Richard Oriolo. Our printers tell us that the book will be in our hands in time by July 1st.