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My Mother's Apprentice
My Mother’s Apprentice is the sequel to Stuck in the Onesies and the daughters’ story. It begins in early 1970s Jamaica where Ginger aspires to be a reggae sensation and Karen, a writer. Abortion and addiction draws you into the lives of two opposite best friends and how their loyalty to one another tries to transcend their differences.
William J. Cook, Author, Amazon

Author Diana McDonough has done it again--graced us with a literary gem to enjoy and ponder.

The sequel to Stuck in the Onesies follows the grown-up daughters of Barb and Ellie. Best friends Karen and Ginger are on widely divergent paths through life. Karen has opted for the more traditional route: raising a family and managing a job. Ginger has pushed the boundaries. Aiming for a career in the music industry, with all its dazzle and rush, she has forsaken family for fame and falls prey to the dangers along the way. A third major character in the drama is the north coast of Jamaica, and by the end, the novel has become a reggae love song to the island.

My Mother's Apprentice is a touching portrayal of how the dearest of friends can drift apart, until they become strangers to each other. It is also a harrowing portrait of addiction's destructive impact on relationships. Finally, it chronicles how low self-esteem, guilt, and unresolved grief can haunt a person for a lifetime, influencing every choice along the way.