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My Zany Life:Growing Up in a Rooming House
Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a rooming house? Has the piping-hot real estate market got you calculating tenants into your mortgage repayment plan? Then read on, as our heroine describes her memories of growing up in her family’s rooming house in a swanky West Toronto neighborhood, surrounded by a cast of eccentric characters. Many people think it’s tragic to grow up in a poor neighborhood, but the author assures us it is equally tragic growing up in a rich neighborhood, when you are poor. Together, a mother and a daughter gather their memories of a life full of happiness, sadness, and many hilarious moments, proving that hindsight not only is 20/20, but can also turn calamity into comedy. The book takes us back in history to a small village in Croatia where her mother is introduced to a 1964 Ford Galaxy XL that has followers, stalkers, and even worshippers. Then she meets the man behind the wheel, and what follows proves that reality actually is stranger than fiction. This book will make you laugh, will make you cry, and will teach you that despite the sadness we all must face, the overall result can be a happy life. May it help you live life to the fullest with friends and family while you can, knowing that “time really is of the essence.”