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Myscal Taylor's Civil War Series
Myscal Taylor just wants to be left alone. He tries to live a peaceable existence. But; conflict, violent men just seem to find him. They have all his life. The Civil War rages far away to the East. He and his family live a good life on the frontier of the Wasatch Mountain range in the American West. It has its dangers; Bannock arrows have left their livid scars. A crazed Oregon Trail traveler shot him once. The frontier teems with pugnacious men; Myscal knows how to defend himself with fast, devastating punches when provoked. Few can best him with a pistol or rifle. A skilled marksman, he hits game animals from amazing distances with his Sharps rifle. On his way to Great Britain in October 1863, Myscal steps off the train in Indiana to heal a bitter family rift. Within hours his life takes a dark turn. Fraudulently conscripted into the Union Army, he now must fight for a nation that does not fancy him or his people. Bound for the Army of the Potomac’s 20th Indiana Regiment, he enters a world of battle-hardened, angry men and raw recruits. Most hate the South. Most despise a man who does not want to fight, does not loathe the South, and belongs to an enigmatic faith.