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Micah Breuer, an accomplished art director living in present day New York City, comes home to find his husband Lennox lying naked on their living room floor in a pool of blood. Lennox has been brutally stabbed over 30 times but is still alive. Struggling to keep his husband breathing, Micah’s efforts end up killing him, and he is arrested for the murder. Mysterious items are found at the crime scene, some suggesting a connection to the company he works for, while others point to an elusive heroin dealer known as Ghost. With a trial looming, Micah’s lawyer hustles to defend him. Together, they are catapulted into multiple dark realities of corporate corruption, Manhattan’s drug underworld, a questionable and overzealous prosecution, and the betrayal of a close friend who may have masterminded a murderous scheme that could land Micah in prison for life. As Micah wrestles with his naiveté, his friends and enemies begin to question their own.