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Naked at Work
Think about what kind of leader you could be if you knew, with absolute certainty, that you were the best person for the job. Now, think about all the reasons you can’t be that leader. The stories you carry, your failures, the realities of your organization—everything that’s in your way. The truth? You can be the strong, inspirational leader you imagine by leading authentically. But you have to peel back the facade and get naked. Many books tout the benefits of authenticity, but none explain how to lead authentically or detail the rewards and risks of that choice. Naked at Work does both, making the case for authentic leadership and detailing the proven, step-by-step process used in elite executive coaching. This book will embolden you to own your unique story and use that real, imperfect experience to drive your personal and team performance. Using real examples from executives in large companies, the latest leadership theory and data, and her own track record of spectacular failures, Danessa Knaupp shows leaders how to get brave, get naked, and be the leaders they’ve always imagined.