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Naliyah is the story of Lenora Scheid. Lenora is different, and though her tight-lipped father Gabriel refuses to tell her much about what she is, she knows that she is not a vampire... not exactly. She can eat human food, survive the daylight, and is not quite immortal. Nonetheless, she and her father travel the world feeding off the blood of the dying. From 1903 in Baltimore, across the Boxer Rebellion in China, and through World War II, Lenora follows her father from each scene of brutality to the next, comforted only by her recurring dreams of a blue-eyed man. When Lenora and her father arrive on the coast of Ireland in the early twenty-first century to rest, she comes face to face with Michael, the man from her dreams. Her draw to Michael is undeniable, and yet the closer they grow, the more her father’s stoic demeanor falters. The man she begins to see is brutal and ruthless, bent on keeping her from Michael but refusing to share why. When Gabriel to demonstrate new and dangerous abilities, Lenora begins her quest for answers.