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Tania Moloney
Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World

Picture Book; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Whether you're planting trees or helping the bees, every little action to care for nature counts. In Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World, you'll join Nature Ninja and two nature loving friends on a mission to inspire kids to get outside to connect with nature and save the planet! Give children the gift of a lifelong connection to nature and nurture the next generation of nature heroes in their own backyards, balconies, classrooms and neighbourhoods! Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World is perfect for nature loving kids and teachers who want to embed nature play and outdoor learning into their classrooms.
DR LOUISE CHAWLA Professor Emerita, Environmental Design, University of Colorado

“I found the book enchanting! The illustrations are wonderful, and Nature Ninja’s voice is lively. Together they pulled me in as a reader right away.

The story is the right bite-size to captivate young children and give them something they can do at home or in their schoolyard to follow Nature Ninja’s inspiration.”

JOANNE PEGG, Principal, Bullarto Primary School

  “I am so excited to share Nature Ninja's first adventures with my school students. My students will be excited that Nature Ninja deep listens like we do at school.As a Principal whose school philosophy encapsulates nature throughout our whole curriculum, there will be so many teaching and learning opportunities to explore with Nature Ninja.”


Kirkus' Reviews Best Books List:
Top 100 Best Indie Books of 2023

Kirkus starred review

“A small green ninja makes nature a little brighter at the backyard level in this action-centered book for nature warriors…. Many books focus too much on the big issues, but Moloney’s three suggestions—planting trees, building a bee hotel, and encouraging parents to let parts of the backyard stay wild—are easy enough to tackle. Sardi’s final illustration… of the whole neighborhood, swarms with details, showing even more possibilities…. While each small project won’t save the world on its own… the hope offered here—in the accessible tone, repeated vocabulary, and soft pastel digital illustrations—is a sure-fire inspiration for budding environmentalists. Nature plus ninjas make a winning combination!” — Kirkus Reviews starred review

LINDA ÅKESON MCGURK @Rainorshinemamma & Author of There’s No Such Thing as Ba

“Saving the world in the face of biodiversity loss and global climate change will be a tall order, but Nature Ninja knows a great place start - in your own backyard!

Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World is an actionable tale that shows how we all can contribute to a better world by advocating for nature in our families and communities.”

PRIYA MUTHUKUMAR Environmental Storyteller, Educator, Founder of Storipur, India

“Tania's book, 'Nature Ninja' reflects her passion & love for nature.

Her cute little book, Nature Ninja addresses the most pertinent aspect of how everyone can make a difference, irrespective of where one comes from or whether one is an adult or kid. Nature Ninja is fun & reassuring and would resonate with many around the world!”

Readers' Favorite

Reviewed by Bryone Peters for Readers’ Favorite

"Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World by Tania Moloney will appeal to anyone who wishes to make their children more aware of environmental issues. The Ninja asks pertinent questions about nature and the environment. The book mentions deforestation, ocean pollution, and global warming to make the young reader more aware. The Ninja feels passionate about these issues and wishes to do something positive within the confines of his home and garden to make the world a better place. What can one Little Ninja do without even having to leave the backyard? The Ninja pays attention to some kinds of insects and how the bees, flowers, and trees can be affected. The book is an excellent example of how to be practical.I love the unique pictures that are detailed and the variation of green. These fit well together and convey the message of tranquility, harmony, and environmental beauty. The layout is impressive and pleasantly engaging. In certain sections of the story, the text is entertaining and would make the reader want to read happily along. I loved the illustrations of the garden wildflowers. The individual flowers stood out, causing the effect of one being close to the Ninja. At the end of the book, there is a pledge that any other young, dedicated Ninja might enjoy reading repeatedly. Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World by Tania Moloney is an entertaining, attractive, and fun book to learn about nature and shows one how to be proactive in a straightforward way."

RICHARD LOUV, Author Last Child in the Woods & Vitamin N

“Tania Moloney makes saving the natural world FUN!"

ROSALIE McCOLL Retired sociology lecturer, Institute of Koorie Education, Deakin

"A well written and engaging story, pitched at young children to teens and beyond, in a call to arms to heed the warnings and take practical action on climate change. 

Part educational, part prescriptive in its approach to positively encourage and demonstrate the power of individual action.

The suggestions are appealing to young people and the absence of politics is refreshing."

TAMSIN SCOTT Grandmother, Landscape Architect, & The WildChild Garden Goddess at

"This delightful book is sure to inspire a new generation of nature warriors!

The story beautifully illustrates simple activities for children to rewild their gardens, while gathering some environmental pearls of wisdom along the way. I can’t wait to share it with my grandchild and start on our first Nature Ninja project!"

TASH TREVETON, Early Childhood Consultant, Inspired EC

“Nature Ninja is the perfect inspiration for children to save the natural world in their own ways.”

The Wishing Shelf

"A fast-paced, ENERGETIC picturebook showing youngreaders how they too can help save the natural world.Highly recommended!’ - The Wishing Shelf

"I must say, I very much enjoyed this wonderfully illustrated picturebook all about a worm-loving, tree- hugging, puddle-jumping ninja who’s determined to save the natural world. The only problem is – the ‘problem’ is so BIG! But, with the help of Stick the Stick (excellent character name, by the way) and Boobook the Owl, they discover everybody can help, even if it's just in a tiny way.There are many things I enjoyed about this book. Firstly,there's a lot of energy to the writing - and the artwork; infact, there's never a dull moment. Secondly, I love howthis book empowers children to have a go; to try to makea difference. As Boobook the Owl so wisely says, “We must all give a hoot about the Earth.” Thirdly, there's a practical feel to the story, the author showing young readers what they can do to help, whether it's planting a tree in the back garden or making a bee hotel.All in all, I'm very happy to recommend this book tograndparents, parents and schools looking for fun-filled,energetic picturebooks that will encourage children to getout there and try to make a difference. I think, like theyoung readers, they’ll love the colourful artwork, theskilful plotting of the story, and, of course, the veryimportant message.To sum up. it’s a bit of a gem! - A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review