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Navigating The River of Time



A combination of wisdom teachings and memoir, “Navigating The River of Time” shares incidents from the life of a confused but gifted young man’s journey halfway around the world and return to his hometown where he met his spiritual teacher. It’s a tapestry that brings together years of spiritual practice with day-to-day practical living. 


If its readers recognize their own struggle in the author’s struggle, if they understand that they can connect their consciousness with Higher Energy in the Universe and build a strong inner life - the book is a success. All they have to do is master the tools of meditation: mind, breath, need, will, gratitude, and the chakra system. They don’t have to visit mysterious places in the East to find these tools. They’re born with them and live with them until the day they leave the world. What’s missing is knowledge of how to use them to build an inner life. 


If no social class, intelligence quotient, racial or religious upbringing, economic status or country of birth makes us happy, if chakras exist in every human being and are a direct link to God or Higher Energy in the Universe, what determines spiritual growth is the daily work one does to develop their inner life and become a more conscious person. If we prioritize that work, the universe will take care of the rest. 


My spiritual teacher Rudi once told me: “A guru is like a cow. If you don’t milk a cow, it will scream into the night.” A teacher has to give away his teachings to fulfill his destiny; a teacher will always be available to anyone who wants to listen. He’s like a “gadfly” that reminds us to live a life based on truth, a mirror guiding us on a path to enlightenment.