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Never Enough: A Recovery Workbook
Nina Bingham, author
Looking for answers without having to go to counseling? The Never Enough workbook is a new approach to recovery! More than just convenient and affordable, it's the therapeutic answer for the busy self-helper. NEVER ENOUGH: A Recovery Workbook will uncover the roots of addictive behaviors, obsessive thinking, and eating disorders. This work-at-your-own pace program provides state-of-the-art, research-proven methods of controlling worry, and correcting compulsive thinking. This workbook will enable you to: * Determine the root reasons for addictive behavior and obsessive worrying * Develop more effective coping skills * Accept loss and gain the strength to move beyond it * Understand how to change ingrained patterns which have held you back. Here's a do-it-yourself recovery method that's easy to use, yet delivers results that will blow your mind! When it comes to addictions, obsessive thinking and eating disorders, they tend to get the "upper hand." Before you know it, your thinking has been hijacked, and you're the unwitting slave to unhealthy, self-defeating behaviors. This workbook is crammed with self-intervention exercises that enable you to quickly put yourself back in the driver's seat of your life again.